Self Worth on Love

I look at myself in the mirror,
Reflecting my actions, my ideals.
Whispers of rumours circulate me;
Do I accept it and move on?
Or do I let it be and play along,
even though I’ll be hurt.

I confessed that I do like you,
But that seemed all for nought.
For it remained the same.
An apple of jealous begins to bloom;
But rots as fast as it grows.

It’s a game to me.
To see how far you’ll go,
To watch and see;
To observe and learn.
Yet, I’ve gathered nothing. 

I want to give up on you;
I really do. 
I’ve given you chances;
but all seemed to go unnoticed.

I’ve given up.

…and moved on.

A part of me will be open.
But how far will it last?
Should we be together?

A silly thought.
But one I’ve grown accustomed to.
Now I lay to waste, like a fruit. 
Should you forget about me,
I will rot away. 

Do not fret,
For I am used to it.

A summer fling.
A few weeks.
or Months.

Who knows.

I subject myself to the media.
TV taught me to feel;
Reality taught me to conceal.

One way or another, 
It’ll be a long wait for me.




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